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Lighthouse of Chania

Stroll down the promenade of the Old Town in Chania and observe the architecture. You’ll find the typical houses facing the sea, some housing tavernas or hotels, all in different colors that give the old port its unique appearance.

A walk to the lighthouse is well worth it for the sea and the harbor’s spellbinding views from a distance: the lighthouse it Chania’s city symbol and its most photographed attraction.

Erected by the Venetians in the 16th century to protect the city against the Ottoman threat, the architectural structure was modified under the Egyptian occupation in 1839. The base of the monument is the original Venetian construction, while the rest is the work of the 19th century reconstruction.

Today, the lighthouse safeguards the harbor standing 21 meters above the waves of the Sea of Crete. It is no longer in operation, but it makes for a romantic spot if you take the walk. The interior of the lighthouse is closed to the general public.

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