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Someone once said Crete is like a continent all its own. Well, what better way to explore the secret and secluded places of a continent than by an all-terrain vehicle? The Cretan countryside is perfect for adventures into some of Europe’s last remaining untouched areas.

The unique landscapes of Crete island will be etched in memory, and these safaris are the best and most reasonable way to experience them. Unless you’re an avid hiker and outdoorsman, or even if you are, the many safari groups serving Chania can help you create a most memorable day ever for the whole family.

On most safari excursions you get to see more of Crete than most travelers expect: The animals, flowers, and herbs, the Cretan people with their rare brand of hospitality and friendliness, and landscapes so stunning they’ll take your breath.

Ride in comfort the high mountain trails, in places where only donkeys and goats usually travel to. Some suggested excursions include luxury safari tours to Samaria Gorge and the surrounds, the Apokoronas Villages, and the White Mountains.

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