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They say Chania is the most beautiful town on the island of Crete. It is a mix of old and new, distinctive architectural styles ranging from Venetian and Ottoman to traditional and more modern Cretan. Many residential homes were repurposed as tavernas and cafes or for quirky souvenirs and fashion shops. The local farmers’ and fishing markets are attractions in their own right, featuring the freshest of the indigenous produce, homemade goods, and even artisan crafts.

Spend an afternoon in the Venetian harbor of Chania and take in the views. You’ll see the landmark lighthouse of the city safeguarding the passage of tourist tour boats in and out. Dine at a fishing taverna or sip Greek coffee at a café and watch the constant flux of tourists passing you by in a rush to buy sponges and other souvenirs. Walk the promenade or take a horse-drawn carriage ride if you are more romantically inclined. Go bar hopping, shopping, or seek peace and tranquility in a church or monastery in the area. There are enough activities to satisfy all ages. Snap as many pictures as you please; they’ll all turn out like pretty postcards of Crete.

You don’t have to leave the city to have a sun-filled day at the beach. Here are the most convenient spots.
Chania’s architecture is a testament to history, endurance, and spirit. Discover the island’s gem of a city.
For a sense of sacred, art, scenery, nature, and serenity: the monasteries of Crete are true edens.
Simple, honest food rooted in tradition. Welcome to the world’s best-known diet.
You can always party until dawn in one of these venues - and expect atmosphere, trendy beats, and friendly people every time.
That next best souvenir is just around the corner. Have fun browsing.
Chania is a child-friendly destination and the blissful Cretan nature will keep them busy for hours. Here are the top attractions.
The whole island beckons with fantastic itineraries. Where do you go next? Our top picks are here:
There’s no dull moment on Crete but if you need inspiration, we’ve got you covered.
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