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For a sense of sacred, art, scenery, nature, and serenity: the monasteries of Crete are true edens.

Some of Crete's most important monasteries and places of worship are set within the borders of the Prefecture of Chania. You'll find most of these monastic complexes outside rural settlements, in secluded areas surrounded by breathtaking landscapes that invite peaceful contemplation.

When you are in the area, three must-see monasteries include Agia Triada Tzagaroli, Gouverneto, and Katholiko, which are not too far from Chania town.

Agia Triada Tzagaroli Monastery

Constructed in the 17th century by Venetian-Cretan brothers Jeremiah and Lawrence Tzagarolo. It is one of the most important monasteries of Crete. Visit it to buy olive oil and wine produced by its monks.

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Gouverneto Monastery

Gouverneto Monastery is 19 kilometers east of Chania town at the entrance of Avlaki Gorge. It has a beautifully ornate Venetian central church. When you visit it, plan to go to the nearby Katholiko Monastery, which is reached via a paved trail that traverses the gorge.

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Katholiko Monastery

The ruins of a former monastery erected in the 17th century by Venetian nobleman Jeremiah Tzagarolo next to the cave where Saint John the Hermit died in the 11th century. Worth visiting for the walk from Gouverneto Monastery leading here, a paved trail that traverses the Avlaki Gorge passing the Cave of Panagia Arkoudiotissa.

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