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Chania’s architecture is a testament to history, endurance, and spirit. Discover the island’s gem of a city.

The architecture of Chania is rare in Crete. It’s an unlikely mix of Ottoman, Venetian, and local styles, which give a unique character to each of the town’s neighborhoods. For instance, Tabakaria, the former tannery district of Chania, is an example of industrial development in the mid 19th century. Most of the buildings here are in ruin and empty, but some function as tavernas and craft shops worth visiting for something less touristy than what you find in the more popular neighbourhoods.

Here are some central landmarks to provide you with an idea of the city’s diverse architectural styles:


The harbor’s landmark is a 16th-century Venetian lighthouse, modified by the Egyptians in the early 19th century. Probably the most photographed architectural structure of Chania.

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Firkas Fortress (Revellino del Porto)

Another example of Venetian architecture from the 16th century. It boasts magnificent views of Chania’s harbor and lighthouse.

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Küçük Hasan Pasha Mosque (Yali Mosque)

A stunning example of Ottoman architecture from 1649. It is no longer a place of worship, being used today as an exhibition center for local artists.

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